Creswell Community Singers

Creswell Community Singers

Creswell Community Singers

Music Director: 
Currently seeking – Download job description (PDF)

Rebecca Laird

Choir Manager: 
Joan Travis Kelley

Board of Directors

President:   Wilma Kerr
Secretary:   Joan Travis Kelley
Treasurer:   Rick Kelley
Member-at-Large:   Mary Ellen Yost 
Member-at-Large:   Tracey Armitage

Our Mission

To provide an opportunity for men and women who want to experience the joy of singing and give mutual support as they engage, enrich, and inspire the community by presenting choral music. 

Testimony from our Members

“It has been so good to be part of this choir. I love the social aspect of it, as well as using my vocal chords to sing and “make a joyful noise” each week. We also bring joy to the community when we have an opportunity to sing, and for those in assisted living facilities. Since we have a mixed group of ages and backgrounds, I enjoy seeing everyone each time we meet.”
"What a joy it was to be invited to join this wonderful group of singers. Joining has given me a great many new friends, people I would never have met if not for CCS.  Our acceptance while performing at community events and singing for others has given me an emotional paycheck."
"I enjoy being in the choir with others that enjoy singing as I do. It has helped me feel connected to Creswell singing at local events and new people I have met."


We find great joy in learning new songs, singing together and performing within the surrounding communities.

We are welcoming new members!

  • No auditions
  • No applications
  • Professional Leader (volunteers with experience)
  • Free access to Church of Christ – Practice & Concerts
  • We invite you to join us!


Wednesdays @ 1:00, Dates TBA

(Last updated 9/10/2023)


Rehearsals are now being held at
Creswell Presbyterian Church
75 South 4th Street
Creswell, OR 97426

Singing is Fun!

  • Strengthens immune system
  • As a workout, strengthens throat & palate muscles, which helps stop snoring & sleep apnea
  • Widens circle of friends – improves social life
  • Boosts confidence and broadens communication skills
  • Increases ability to appreciate other singers 
Singing Is Fun

Why the Creswell Community Singers need Financial Contributions

Your financial contributions help us with:

  • Sheet music & Office supplies, i.e., printer paper, ink.
  • Accompanist & Guest artists
  • Expense of web page hosting

If you would like to make a donation, we would be very appreciative. In order to receive a tax deductible receipt, please make checks payable to our 501(c)(3) sponsor, Creswell First!, and mail to:

Rick Kelley
82180 Hillview Dr.
Creswell, OR 97426

For more information, please contact us at